My journey into the serious blogosphere

Well, it’s a little after midnight and I’ve created my first WordPress blog. Not my first blog by far. I’ve been on the internet for quite a while…

This blog is borne out of a desire to put the pedal to the metal, my nose to the grindstone; to get myself motivated to be productive in some way. It’ll also help me hone my writing, which is always useful. I have a big problem with motivating myself to do things, so perhaps a blog will hold me accountable.

But I haven’t released my stats yet, if you will: well, I’m a computer science student; I’m about to graduate with a BS degree from the University of Hawaii, in May; I’m interested in way too many things and not really a master of any of them. Following that, be forewarned that this blog may end up all over the place, but I’ll always try to make it interesting.

Oh, and one last thing you may be wondering: cactusea? What is that? Well, in my blog header (I’ll attach the picture for posterity should the layout change) you can see cacti backed by the sea. Interesting juxtaposition, I thought to myself, when I came across the tableau on a hike a couple weeks back. The portmanteau came from a friend who shortened my Instagram caption of “the cactus and the sea”.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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