Long Absence

So my blog has been functionally dead for some months now, and in the meantime a lot has happened: I graduated with my bachelor degree in computer science; I went home for the summer and had some great diving adventures; and I started my master’s degree in computer science in August.

I drafted a couple of blog posts over the summer, but due to the lack of internet access back home they never saw the light of day. One was a scuba day highlight reel, and the other was a review of a local internet cafe. Not sure if I’ll post either, but I may post some photos from the summer in the near future (once I can dredge them up).

Anyway, I am back, and I’m starting to use a lot of new programming tools and — dare I say — languages in the graduate assistantship I have started. I’d like to talk about that journey in particular, to help myself puzzle out and document everything I’m getting into. That post is forthcoming, but in the meantime, take this image as a hint: